Riverside Conference February ’24

Rise up and take the journey God has destined for you (Deut. 2:24)!

Ready for your life to change for the better? Experience God's love like never before and live a life of purpose! When trials and challenges try to shake your faith and you don't see a way through them, rely on the many precious promises found in God's Word and trust in His wisdom. He knows where you are and how to get you where you're supposed to be, so embrace the journey He's guiding you through.

Lean into God's guidance today with the entire Riverside Gospel Truth Conference. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

You'll be blessed by the inspiring messages from the Riverside Gospel Truth Conference with Duane Sheriff and Andrew Wommack. Let God's Word set you free.

Session 1: Andrew Wommack - As Righteous as Jesus
Session 2: Duane Sheriff - Understanding Spiritual Immaturity
Session 3: Andrew Wommack - Rest in What Jesus Has Done
Session 4: Duane Sheriff - Maturing in Christ
Session 5: Andrew Wommack - Jesus Paid Once for ALL
Session 6: Duane Sheriff - Hearing the Voice of the Lamb
Session 7: Andrew Wommack - What Faith Really Means

*Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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